What our Customers say...


Lauren is an incredible person to work with. You can tell she really cares about you and your needs. I know if I ever run into any kind of trouble she and SERVPRO will be there because they truly care!

I oversee the maintenance at a hotel in downtown Portland and we had to 'condemn' a room due to a biohazardous situation. I called Jesse Walker to come to handle it, and he did. He worked with me and his contractors and the room was bare bones in no time! They disposed of the contaminated furniture properly and were totally upfront on billing when a 2-day task only ended up being a few hours. Jesse is now my go-to guy if any disasters go down.

I can't say enough great things about SERVPRO of Gresham! Our washer broke (upstairs) and was dumping water into our lower-level ceiling. SERVPRO arrived so quickly and got everything set up to minimize the damage. Thanks to their quick action and quality service we had hardly any damage! Their staff was very friendly and calm in such a stressful situation. Thank you SERVPRO!!

Did a great job helping my daughter with flood damage. I live so far away from them, it was wonderful to be able to count on SERVPRO to help them resolve the problem. Thank you, Jennifer, for being there to orchestrate when I couldn’t be there.

I am a Property Manager in Portland Or. and one of our Apartments caught on fire. Keith helped me every step of the way since this was the very first apartment fire I have ever experienced. If I needed something, Keith was right on it to help us out. The service we received from SERVPRO was more than excellent. I would highly recommend this company to anyone!!

SERVPRO of Gresham is a great company. They have a great group of people working there. I would recommend them for any type of insurance claim from water and fire damage.

Great customer service! Scott Thomas was quick and helpful in getting the team out to YMCA Camp Collins to clean up a sudden and unexpected plumbing issue in one of our main buildings.

Congratulations on your award from the Gresham Chamber of Commerce in the "Family Business" category. The Gresham-Barlow Education Foundation has been the recipient of your generosity, and with this award, your commitment to our community is acknowledged and celebrated by our entire city.

We have worked with Dennis and his team for over 10 yrs now and they have consistently provided excellent service! We recently had Tom out to our office to share the latest updates in the industry and we really appreciate their customer service 1st approach. Highly recommend these guys for all your restoration needs!

Wow, what a company! I was so impressed from start to finish they were amazing. We had a pipe burst and water was everywhere. I serve pro and was sent to Jennifer, she was so nice and helpful. Then Chris came out, he was able to get everything fixed and cleaned up. They did such an amazing job you would have never known that anything happens. I couldn’t have asked for better service, so fast and friendly. I would highly recommend them if you need someone to help you with damage from water.

Wonderful, family oriented people. Very easy to work with. Happy with the service they provided my family during rough times. Would highly recommend them to anyone in need.

SERVPRO of Gresham was our first call when our home flood earlier this year. From start to finish this company was excellent! Everyone we worked with, from the office to the field, provided best in class service. We are very grateful for this team and highly recommend them.

Thank you SERVPRO for coming out to look at the water damage my sky light caused.

Jennifer and Sean were very helpful.


Thank you for getting here so fast. You have an amazing crew. Thanks to Mike for his hard work.

You guys are awesome!

I had another water damage company service my home. When they said the "finished" the job, I walked around my home and still noticed the carpet was damp. At this point, I decided to call SERVPRO of Gresham. They came and actually completed the drying of my home. Thank you!

Thank you SERVPRO for coming quickly and cleaning up my business in no time. I was concerned about being closed for an undetermined amount of time, but SERVPRO of Gresham was able to get my business back up an running in a matter of a few days! 

The crews at SERVPRO of Gresham came out after hours to take care of me and start the work on my home. Thank you for always being available! 

With the snow and ice that has occurred the past few days, my home decided it was time to give in to the conditions and flood my whole basement. SERVPRO was happy to come help! They sucked up all the water in the basement and left fans to dry out my home. I couldn't be more thankful! 

Appreciated the quick response, professional service and their good communication with us during a stressful time. Would highly recommend their services.

Working with SERVPRO was a great experience. They were professional, prompt, and polite. They were also able to complete my job from the initial loss to the repairs on my home. 

Curt and his crew were so helpful when they came and cleaned my house after a had a small fire. The walls in my kitchen had gotten some residue on them, and there was a smokey smell in my home. SERVPRO was able to rid my home of the smell and clean my walls. Thank you! 

Sarah was extremely respectful and caring when she and the crew came out to clean up an incident that had taken place in my home. They came out the same day I called and did a fantastic job cleaning my home. 

Thank you for taking the time to go over my estimate with me. Dennis Mesford explained it line by line and was very helpful. I had never experienced mold growth in my home before and the team really helped comfort me through the whole process.

SERVPRO of Gresham was great to work with! Everything went smoothly and I was very impressed by their quick services. Thank you for making me important during the holiday weekend.

I've worked with this company for 20 years. They've grown and done well, I think, because of their integrity and their willingness to go the extra mile for their customers. They well deserve their good reputation.

Jesse was great with his communication and the crew did an outstanding job on our hall ways. The building looked like new again. We have subsequently have them back to do some upholstery. Very happy with work, price and availability.

I had a fire that completely burned down my home. I was stressed out and very upset. The crew at SERVPRO of Gresham was so kind and helped me step by step through the restoration process. They were able to rebuild my home and clean my contents as well. Thank you so much for helping me in my time of need. 

We get some pretty windy weather in Troutdale and I had a tree fall on my home! I called SERVPRO of Gresham who responded in a flash! They were able fix my home, were professional, and communicated the process well. Thank you for helping me in our time of need! 

We had to do water abatement due to a flood event at my work. We called several companies but it was only SERVPRO Gresham that was ready to take on the work and got out here promptly. Our point of contact was Jesse who guided the process along smoothly and kept us well informed along the way. I would definitely use their services again and recommend them as well.

We had a mini lake growing in the bottom of our apartment complex. SERVPRO was able to come out and give us a great bid to get the job done. As soon as we had the Green light a crew came in from SERVPRO and started getting down and dirty. Thank you for being professional, quick, and saving me the headache! 

Quick, professional and on time. Super kind and the gold standard in the business. Thanks SERVPRO Gresham for getting my house back in order!

We had a pipe break while we were away on vacation that sat for awhile and got moldy. SERVPRO of Gresham was very professional and quick to clean up the mess. Thank you!

We have used your company for a fire we had at a property we own; you guys are awesome!

Last weekends windstorm caused some serious damage to my house, causing my roof to leak. I called SERVPRO of Gresham on Sunday and they were quick to respond and happy to help, even on their weekend. Thank you! 

Thank you for sending your people out so quickly. I was impressed with how your one guy, Shawn smiled the whole time. It is great to see people happy when working. I can tell you I would not be smiling if I had to get under there and clean out the nasty toilet stuff that exploded. You and your significant other must run a good shop. He represents your company quite well. Thank you again for everything you and SERVPRO have done for us. 
Thank you again for quick and prompt service!

Thank you and to your team for stepping in at the last minute, you guys are rock stars, you really are.

I discovered some mold growing in my crawlspace and called SERPVRO of Gresham. They were kind and on time for my appointment. 

Thank you for responding so quickly! My elderly mother was only displaced for a few days because of SERVPRO of Gresham's quick and efficient services. 

Big thank you to SERVPRO of Gresham for coming out to get rid of the "campfire smell" that entered our home from the Eagle Creek Fire. We had left a window open upstairs and it made our whole house smell! They were quick to respond and the crew was extremely helpful. 

Thank you SERVPRO of Gresham for sending help to Texas, I have family there and it wonderful to know that the Pacific Northwest is there with them when I cannot be.

John- Gresham, OR


The crew did a great job on the store. Thanks!


SERVPRO of Gresham did an excellent job cleaning and repairing after a tree fell on our home.

Very knowledgeable staff and quick response.

Thank you Gresham SERVPRO

for the Holiday card! I can actually hand it up in our newly remodeled office! Best wishes to everyone at your facility and thank you again for all of the help you provided us with when we had our fire. We are forever grateful.


Thank you for stopping by our shop last month!

We thought we were better prepared for an emergency then we really were. The emergency book you helped us with came in handy when the toilet overflowed while I was out to lunch. My staff knew what to do. We did not need your services for this because our team was quick to respond. It is nice to know we can call if we need you. I am looking forward to catching up after the new year. Happy Holidays to you and your team at SERVPRO.



I didn't think anyone would be available to help during the snow storm

but you actually picked up the phone. So thankful for that because that frozen pipe really caused some destruction to my home. Your team did a marvelous job cleaning up and they just did an overall great job. Thank you to the folks at SERVPRO of Gresham for your help!

Thank you for taking care of our mold problem

We appreciate how you answered all of our questions through out the process.

It was unbelievable how much ruined stuff you restored.

When a fire burned down our house last month, we we're under the impression all of our stuff was toast, but your crews shocked us with how much of our personal belongings they were able to restore.

I can't thank you all enough for getting some of our priceless belongings back to us in such good condition. Although we can't get everything back, it meant a lot to have even a few things left after the fire.

Your crew saved the day

when they showed up at my store. They were a fantastic group of people and you could tell they knew what they were doing.


The fact that your crew was able to get here so quickly after a frozen pipe broke in our basement was a life saver. We were able to get our business up and running way sooner than expected. 

Rick was very professional

when he came to my store. I appreciate the time he took to explain mold remediation to me. 

Great job guys! Thanks from all of us!

Gerald & Staff

Dennis and crew-

I want to personally thank you for all of the efforts you put into saving our valuable items in our home. This fire has been devastating. My wife and I found it amazing that you were able to save some of our most precious items. She is especially thankful for her wedding dress. 

Hopefully, we will never need your services again. I would gladly refer you to anyone in need of any type of restoration.

Thanks again!

Gavin D.

Thank you SERVPRO for helping with our home fire.

It has been rough. We appreciate your help.

Thank you Jennifer and your crew.

Your work at the Port of Portland has helped us with our timeline. I will be calling you again...real soon. 

We wanted to let you know about an exceptional employee you have.

His name is Rick and he came out to help us with a mold issue we found. He was very knowledgeable. We really appreciate the fact that he wore his badge and rearranged his schedule so he could work when school was out. It means a lot that a vendor will not only follow school guidelines but is happy to do it. He was very accommodating and should be recognized. Please pass this on to his manager. 

Thank you again for the great service!

Thank you SERVPRO Gresham.

You helped me with my leak and I am so happy I knew you could help and my neighbor works there. You saved me from getting mold and you know that is easy in the Pacific Northwest. Happy Holidays SERVPRO.


We had a small kitchen fire

and your team came in and helped us get back on track very quickly. I think we will be able to host Christmas dinner now thanks to your quick thinking, hard working team. Thank you again, everyone!



Jim, you are the best,

I can't ask for more than that. Thanks so much for your quick replies.

When our office flooded,

I had no clue who to call. An employee of mine recommended SERVPRO of Gresham, and I am so thankful they did! Their crew arrived within the hour and got to work immediately. I still can't believe how quickly they got our office back to normal! Thanks again!

My company, Redline Painting has worked with SERVPRO of Gresham many times

and I have recommended them time and time again. Not only do they have the skills and tools to get the job done, they have truly great customer service. They are very easy to work with and usually shock me with how quickly they arrive to a job site.

Thank you Jennifer.  We appreciate your great service.


SERVPRO of Gresham

has been a valued member of the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center since 2012.  They have been there for our business members when disaster has struck and, they’ve been very visible in our community supporting community events like the Teddy Bear Parade and the Spirit of Christmas Tree Lighting.  We appreciate the great SERVPRO team!

Thank you so much for a job well done.

I don't know what we would have done without you guys. The overflowed toilet created such a horrible mess, I wasn't sure I could live in that house again. I have so much respect for your employees cleaning up sewer mess. The fact that we discovered mold during all of this was such a surprise. I am so grateful for this find because of our babies allergy problem. Getting rid of this mold will help his lung development Again, thank you, thank you for EVERYTHING!



We are getting ready for this storm also! We will call you if anything comes up. Thank you for always thinking of us and making our building a priority.

Thank you for the email.

It is very nice to hear from our vendors before a potential snow storm! Hopefully, we will not need you but if we do it is nice to know you are prepped and ready to go. Thank you for all of the services you do for our facility. Be safe!

Thank you SERVPRO for coming out so fast for our flood.

You saved my new molding I just worked hard on! Thanks again!

I would recommend SERVPRO to clean your sewer damaged bathroom in your basement. Mine was a mess and they were able to get rid of the mess and the nasty smell. The bathroom was cleaner when then left then before the overflow.

SERVPRO of Gresham has done wonders for the school I work in. All of their staff was very kind and considerate of our situation. When you have to move an entire 3rd class to another room already filled with a class, things can be rough. Thank you for your kindness and a job well done. Now I don’t have to spring clean

When our condo flooded you guys came out and did a great job. I felt horrible that others were affected in the building and common areas had to go under construction; but grateful because you were able to get the water out and new materials in promptly. I hope our building manager realizes how great you were. I would recommend you to anyone in the building that is in need of your services.

Your cleaners are remarkable! We bought a new house and didn’t realize there was a lingering odor. SERVPRO of Gresham came in and helped us clean, find the smell and make it disappear. Now we are moved in and very happy with the smell of our new house. Thank you! Thank You!

Thank you for giving us excellent customer service. Our home is our pride and joy and your workers treated it like it was their own. The owners of your company should be proud of the customer service the people they have on staff.

Thanks SERVPRO of Gresham. The crawlspace guy was amazing. I HATE small spaces, but he got right into the crawlspace and took care of business. He obviously was trained for safety. His buddy was right with him at the entrance the whole time talking to him. Seems like they have a good crew and they have each other’s backs.

SERVPRO was very helpful. They were quick and efficient. Lucky for us we were able to turn the water off within a few minutes or our house would have been so much worse. They did a great job at cleaning up and doing is fast. I would recommend them to a friend.

Thank you SERVPRO of Gresham! We never would have made it through our flood and water damage without you! Jennifer was there to calm my nerves and Shane was more than amazing. Setting up his machines and getting fixing my downstairs bedrooms. They were in and out within four days. Thank you! Thank you!

I received a phone call today from your insured, Mr. Haleem, who spent 30 minutes relaying how happy he was with the service and product provided by Dennis, Rick and the SERVPRO of Gresham team, as well as State Farm Fire Claims.

Mr. Haleem stated how professional SERVPRO of Gresham was in their restoration approach, as evidenced by taking extra time to research restoration options.

I had a flood situation caused by a failed washing machine. SERVPRO came as part of my homeowner's insurance and did the mitigation (drying out and removing the damaged materials) and asbestos abatement (removing the damaged flooring). The company was very prompt and efficient throughout the process. They were easy to work with, took care of what needed to be done and and explained my options very well during an upsetting time.

I'm writing to congratulate you on your team of professionals! Headed by Shane Witter, they cleaned up my home after a terrible plumbing leak in my crawlspace. They always took care to be careful with my carpets, furniture and they kept me informed all the way. Should I need you in the future, I'll call SERVPRO of Gresham. Thanks so very much!

Ray did a great job and I thank him for all his hard work.

The tech I dealt with last week was awesome. Thanks to our long hot summer of 100 degree temps here in Portland, I had water damage from my HVAC, and a coworker referred me to SERVPRO. They even brought some mold damage to my attention I never would have known was there. Anyway, I found them easy to work with.

Dear Carrie, Just wanted to say thank you for being so prompt & professional - it was greatly appreciated! Thanks to Dennis too.

My good friends at SERVPRO helped my client with her water damage mitigation after a toilet break. Way to go gang!

Wonderful service with Curt Appleberry!

Rick was extremely patient and professional with all of my questions. He explained everything very clearly. I appreciate the professionalism in the midst of chaos.

I was out of town while SERVPRO was working on my house. Being that I was not in town, I was confident that the man I met the first day was competent enough and trustworthy enough to take care of the issue I was dealing with. I arrived at 2300 that night and was happy with the job he had done.

SERVPRO Gresham did such a great job with our last disaster clean up. A basement waste pipe got backed up and made a serious mess. They came out on short notice, on time, efficient, and clean! The staff was friendly and I highly recommend their services to anyone.

SERVPRO of Gresham is a local family owned company that supports it's neighborhood schools and teachers. They took the time to pick up and deliver cubicles, desks, and file cabinets that were donated to our teachers. Any support our schools can get these days is great. We are very appreciative that SERVPRO of Gresham helped us out.Great crew! Thank you SERVPRO!

I've been working with SERVPRO of Gresham for over 5 years now and I've never looked up. We look to SERVPRO to be our one call during a disaster and we can trust that they will handle the work with the utmost professionalism and quality of work. We've called on their services more times then I'd like to admit, and every time we do our expectations are once again exceeded. Bottom line, I'd highly recommend SERVPRO of Gresham to anyone.

When I walked into a foot of water across my office floor the first person I called was Tina from SERVPRO of Gresham. She arrived at my office promptly and explained to me the process of drying out my business and cleaning it up. I would recommend SERVPRO of Gresham to anyone in need of fire or water restoration.

SERVPRO of Gresham is great to work with. I have used them on several of my projects and they did a great job and required minimal guidance or supervision. There were several projects that had unfavorable conditions and they went in and addressed the problem like professionals. I would not hesitate to use them on my projects.

Your crew responded and I'm thankful. Thanks to your crew I could check other places out.

Ray was great. Very professional and always had the time to explain.

Rick was an excellent Project Manager- prompt, courteous and informative. He solved small problems expeditiously.

Thank you for all your hard work repairing our home after the flooded toilet. We appreciate you seeing the job thru to completion and every detail done correct.

Thank you SERVPRO of Gresham for such a quick response to our water damage in our basement. You guys were quick, efficient, and very friendly. We will be sure to recommend you to anyone in need of your services.


I’m happy with the service SERVPRO of Gresham provided at both at Meridian Park and Gateway. Thanks again.  

Thank you for the CE class today.  Very entertaining. It was nice to meet you.

SERVPRO of Gresham was an incredible partner on our Guinness World Record Event at the 2016 Gresham Arts Festival. At the “Block of Fame” event, the community came together to paint 14,400 wooden blocks to create a 1225+ square foot mosaic on the street. SERVPRO volunteered to create a drying station for the painted wooden blocks to save our street from being covered in wet paint. They went above and beyond with an impressive set up, incredibly helpful volunteers who stayed all day to help and just a fun, positive attitude in general. Thank you SERVPRO for your partnership to the City and your heart for Gresham!

Jessica Harper

Assistant to the Mayor