What our Customers say...

Cleaning Testimonials

Curt and his crew were so helpful when they came and cleaned my house after a had a small fire. The walls in my kitchen had gotten some residue on them, and there was a smokey smell in my home. SERVPRO was able to rid my home of the smell and clean my walls. Thank you! 

SERVPRO of Gresham has done wonders for the school I work in. All of their staff was very kind and considerate of our situation. When you have to move an entire 3rd class to another room already filled with a class, things can be rough. Thank you for your kindness and a job well done. Now I don’t have to spring clean

Your cleaners are remarkable! We bought a new house and didn’t realize there was a lingering odor. SERVPRO of Gresham came in and helped us clean, find the smell and make it disappear. Now we are moved in and very happy with the smell of our new house. Thank you! Thank You!

SERVPRO was very helpful. They were quick and efficient. Lucky for us we were able to turn the water off within a few minutes or our house would have been so much worse. They did a great job at cleaning up and doing is fast. I would recommend them to a friend.