What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

With the snow and ice that has occurred the past few days, my home decided it was time to give in to the conditions and flood my whole basement. SERVPRO was happy to come help! They sucked up all the water in the basement and left fans to dry out my home. I couldn't be more thankful! 

We get some pretty windy weather in Troutdale and I had a tree fall on my home! I called SERVPRO of Gresham who responded in a flash! They were able fix my home, were professional, and communicated the process well. Thank you for helping me in our time of need! 

Last weekends windstorm caused some serious damage to my house, causing my roof to leak. I called SERVPRO of Gresham on Sunday and they were quick to respond and happy to help, even on their weekend. Thank you! 

SERVPRO of Gresham did an excellent job cleaning and repairing after a tree fell on our home.

Very knowledgeable staff and quick response.

I didn't think anyone would be available to help during the snow storm

but you actually picked up the phone. So thankful for that because that frozen pipe really caused some destruction to my home. Your team did a marvelous job cleaning up and they just did an overall great job. Thank you to the folks at SERVPRO of Gresham for your help!


The fact that your crew was able to get here so quickly after a frozen pipe broke in our basement was a life saver. We were able to get our business up and running way sooner than expected. 


We are getting ready for this storm also! We will call you if anything comes up. Thank you for always thinking of us and making our building a priority.

Thank you for the email.

It is very nice to hear from our vendors before a potential snow storm! Hopefully, we will not need you but if we do it is nice to know you are prepped and ready to go. Thank you for all of the services you do for our facility. Be safe!

Your crew responded and I'm thankful. Thanks to your crew I could check other places out.

Ray was great. Very professional and always had the time to explain.